At the Distillery, our goal is to waste absolutely nothing. After the distillation process is completed, the liquid that is left over (known as vinasse) is collected, we add micronutrients, and return it to the farm to fertilize the sugarcane. We are taking the very nutrients that the cane used to grow and returning them back to the field.

Another way we’ve turned waste into treasure: After our Distillery workers extract the complex and flavorful sugarcane juice, they recycle the leftover stalks, known as bagasse. Once the fiber is dried, it is used to power the gas boiler at our distillery, which in turn powers the entire distillation process with sustainable energy.

The rainforest gives the Copalli team what we need for our rum, and in return, we do everything in our power to secure a healthy future for the rainforest and for our planet.


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