Cane Juice Vs Molasses

What’s the difference between using sugarcane juice and molasses to make rum?

First, let’s talk about molasses.

Molasses is an industrial by-product of the sugar making process.

Molasses is used to make 97% of the rums on the market because it is cheap, easy and has a long shelf life.

This leads to a product that can taste the same as other molasses-based rums.

Which is why most companies add additives like more sugar, spices and artificial flavors.

Some companies are transparent about the additives they use, others are not.

But we are different!

Because we use fresh pressed, organic sugarcane juice instead of molasses.

Which comes from raw, organic sugarcane that’s grown within two miles of the distillery

Where it is then crushed on-site into the juice.

This gives Copalli a great, clean taste that’s more pure and less processed.

Making a rum that’s earthy, vegetal and delicious.



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