Let us explain why that’s a good thing.

Copalli was built to be different. Before we created a single bottle of rum, we were committed to empowering communities and protecting the planet through sustainable and zero-waste practices. Along the way, we created an organic, honest spirit that captures the pristine beauty and character of Southern Belize.

From our founders to our farmers, we as a community believe that transparent processes and clean ingredients create better products. That’s why we craft Copalli White Rum and Barrel Rested Rum from only three ingredients: fresh-pressed juice from organic sugarcane grown on a nearby farm in Southern Belize, canopy water from the surrounding rainforest and yeast.

The only way to make a good product is to start with good ingredients. Something that is from the area, that is natural, that is grown in a traditional way always tastes better.

Anya Fernald, Copalli Co-Founder

The way we make our rum is a far cry from how the spirit is typically made. Commercial rum producers primarily use molasses, a by-product of industrial sugar production. Molasses can be imported from several locations around the world, making it almost impossible for terroir to be expressed in the finished product.

sunrise over the rainforest

Many rum producers often face questions about the practice of adding sugar and other artificial ingredients to improve a lower-quality distillate. This adulterated rum is, more often than not, overly sweet and far from the clean, pure taste of Copalli, where the terroir of Belize shines through.

At Copalli, one of our top priorities is to achieve flavor and aroma the honest way. We grow and harvest organic, non-GMO, heirloom sugarcane at Copal Tree Farms, a nearby organic farm. We press the sugarcane juice within hours of harvesting the cane, then ferment and distill it into our unique rum.

And when it comes to the sugarcane we use, let’s just say we’re a little bit obsessive. We do not use the usual commercial cane variates, which are chosen mainly for their yield.

man tossing sugar cane

We selected two heirloom sugarcane varieties prized for their mouthwatering, flavorful juice. Our Master Distiller, Ed Tiedge, makes careful choices that honor the raw material and carry its essence (but not its sugar!) into our rums.

Maybe we chose the hard way to do things, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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