At Copalli Rum, before there was a rum, there was a commitment to preserving the environment, and since day one, we’ve been doing everything in our power to protect the Belizean rainforest that is the heart and soul of Copalli.

sun shining through tree on Copalli distillery

The First Certified Organic Farm in Belize

Copalli grows 100-percent of its heirloom sugarcane at the neighboring Copal Tree Farms, the first Certified Organic farm in Belize. Surrounded by rainforest, the sugarcane fields are harmoniously integrated into the natural habitat. Creeks run through the farm, parrots and hawks nest in trees, and wildflowers, wild vanilla, and cacao grow nearby.

“It’s all part of one big ecosystem; there are only soft borders,” says Copal Tree Farm manager Richard Brinckmann. “We have jaguars walking through the sugarcane, and they definitely don’t see borders.” The fact is: None of this incredible wildlife and biodiversity would be present if we used chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers.

A Truly Regenerative Agriculture System

Commercial sugarcane farms often burn their fields before harvest to clear the ‘cane trash,’ or excess organic material, which makes it easier to cut the cane.

At Copal Tree Farms, the farm staff never burns the sugarcane. Instead, employees return the cane trash back to the fields where it works like mulch to retain soil moisture and naturally prevent the growth of weeds.

man tossing sugar cane

Instead of using a machine to cut the cane, as is common practice in the sugar industry, the organic cane is cut by hand. The sugarcane roots are left intact to allow the plant to recover and produce a fresh crop in the next harvest season. This helps recycle carbon back into the soil of the cane field over time, resulting in a reduction of carbon in the atmosphere.

As a result of taking care of the soil and the surrounding habitat, a delightful thing is happening: The sugarcane yields are getting better and better every year. Nature is sending a sign that we’ve successfully created a truly sustainable and regenerative agricultural system.


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