Elon was born and raised in the Toledo District of Belize. From an early age he was passionate about agriculture and rainforest remedies.  He studied Agriculture in school, after which he became an Elementary school teacher. Elon has been part of the Copal Tree family for more than 11 years and is currently a Supervisor of Farm Operations where he is able to share his knowledge about sustainable farming.

Elon Ranguy. Copalli Team Member

Tell us about your job.

My post at Copal Tree Lodge is Farm Operations Supervisor, which means I assist with the caring of livestock and ensuring healthy and sustainable meat and produce for the restaurant at The Lodge. I also lead farm tours and teach the first portion of the Bean to Bar Class in our Chocolate Factory where I share information about the Cacao Trees, and give grafting demonstrations. I am involved in small scale farm purchasing within the country, and help with a little office assistant work as needed.

How long have you worked with the Copal Tree Lodge/Distillery?

For eleven and a half years.

Tell us about your life in Belize.

Life in Belize is really wonderful, calm and peaceful – especially in the Toledo District in Southern Belize, where I live. I am a family-oriented person, therefore my routine activities are mostly work and spending time with my wife and nine children. I also enjoy attending church, school activities, participating in outdoor sports, and spending time with family and the elderly people in the community.

What do you do in your spare time?

I don’t have much spare time, but when I do, I enjoy taking my family to the river in rural Toledo on weekends during the dry season. As a family we also like to harvest seasonal fruits to eat and make natural juices and jams.

I am really interested in Rainforest remedies that are made from local plants and fruits, and love to share them with friends and families to help them sustain a healthy mind and body.

Why is sustainability important?

Sustainability is healthy, its eco-friendly, its economically viable. It is being conservative, and being an advocate to help protect Mother Earth as we take into consideration all of the eco-systems, their functions and importance in nature. And thus, we can still be productive in a sustainable manner.

What would you like people to know about Belize?

Belize is a very unique country that offers a wide range of activities – from snorkeling and diving in the Great Coral reef, to touring the Mayan Temples. We also have a variety of wildlife in the forest reserves and offer cultural food at its best – which is both tasty and healthy. Belize offers a diverse ethnic population with friendly people. At Copal Tree, we offer a wonderful and comfortable stay in our hotels, hands on chocolate making, garden veggies from farm to table and of course, delicious Organic Rum.

What is your favorite way to drink Copalli Rum?

I don’t really drink alcohol, but I do like the Copalli Rum-infused chocolates which are made in the cacao factory.  If I did drink, I would enjoy Copalli Rum with Coca Cola / Rum Popo (Homemade).


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