Sustainability is not just about caring for the environment; the community and its members are also an important natural resource who need support. Long before there was a Copalli Rum or Distillery, much of that commitment was focused on supporting the youth of Belize’s Toledo District.

Each summer a camp was held for 15-30 children, providing hands-on experience into the importance of the District’s sustainability efforts, while also teaching life skills such as catching, cleaning and cooking fish. Copalli Rum has sponsored the summer camp for the last eight or nine years, during which time the program has continued its focus on environmental stewardship; in fact, program participants have planted an estimated 10,000 trees during the last five years. But it’s not all work, as plenty of time is spent on cultural activities which ensure another important part of life in Belize is preserved for future generations.

Each year, the camp culminates in a celebratory lunch at the renowned Copal Tree Lodge. The picture below features former participants, and we thought it might be interesting to check in and see what they are doing eight years later: one is a high-school teacher, one is a farmer, three have joined the military/police; one works in the Government press office, one works for Copalli, one works in health care and one is a stay-at-home mom.

children attending summer camp in Belize


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