When we’re feeling stressed or under pressure, it’s natural to go for a walk, to take time to breathe. During the pandemic, there were numerous reports about the power of nature in coping with the isolation of lockdown. It’s no surprise our well-being is so strongly linked to the environment’s health. For that reason, making environmentally sustainable choices isn’t really a choice any more.

woman enjoying nature in Belize

According to the U.N Environment Program, environmental sustainability aims to improve the quality of human life without straining the earth’s ecosystems. It’s about creating a balance between human need to consume and the living world.

Rapid population growth has resulted in increased farming and manufacturing, leading to more greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation and pollution, not to mention outrageous climate swings.

Our planet can only provide so many resources before they begin to deplete. For this reason, businesses must step in and do their part. Individuals can take action, but true progress will only be made if corporations make responsible choices that will secure a livable future.

When Copal Tree Distillery was created, it was done so, not to produce rum, but to protect the rainforests of Belize. Our founder realized that an important part of sustainability is creating a balance between economic development and environmental stewardship. He researched the industries that could be operated responsibly, as well as those that could provide well-paying jobs. The Distillery was designed to have a carbon neutral footprint, and while we aren’t there yet, we are proud of the progress that we’ve made. Sustainability is a journey… join us along the way!


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