For hundreds of years, rums have been produced from either fresh-pressed sugarcane juice, (a style known as rhum agricole) or molasses, the dark brown, viscous material produced from refining sugar.

Molasses is used to produce more than 95% of all rums – primarily because it is cheap, fairly easy to obtain and has a long shelf life. But most molasses-based rums start out tasting the same, which is why so many companies add things like more sugar, spices and artificial flavors to differentiate themselves from other rums.

At Copalli Rum, we use fresh, organic sugarcane juice which is pressed within two hours of being harvested by hand. The sugar cane is a delicious reflection of the Southern Belizean farm where it is organically grown. This gives Copalli a clean taste that is pure, slightly grassy and delicious.

We’re not going to say that one style of rum is better than the other. But, when you start with a by-product of a manufacturing process and then add more artificial ingredients, you are doubling down on processing and that mean a bigger carbon footprint. As a brand whose commitment to sustainability extends more than two decades, there’s only one choice!

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