The Garifuna people are descendants of Carib Indians who settled in Belize in the early 1800s. Music, song and dance have always been important in the communities, as they are a way to share stories about Garifuna history and culture.

A driving force behind Garifuna music is the drum. Typically made of hollowed out hardwood such as mahogany, it has one drumhead of made of animal skin.

Since 2006, each November Belize has hosted the annual Battle of the Drums Competition and Show – a drumming exhibition that allows groups from throughout the region to compete and display their musical artistry in playing five different categories of Garifuna drumming.  This year, out of an abundance of caution, the Battle of the Drums was a virtual event, but the six-hour show features local performers, great rhythm and lots of drums.

Copalli Rum is proud to support this competition and show, which has become a major local and tourist attraction and a catalyst for significant economic activity in the Punta Gorda community. To watch highlights of the virtual competition, checkout the Battle of the Bands Facecboo.



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