Tell us about your job.  

To start off I love my job. I am a senior Bartender and waiter at Copal Tree Lodge.  

How long have you worked with the Copal Tree Lodge/Distillery 

I have been working with Copal Tree Lodge since 2000, I was 25 years old when I started and worked one year as a dishwasher, after which I transitioned to Dining. I started to get interested in the Bar. There I met a very close friend, Adrian Choco, who told me I would make a great fit at the bar. I am still here today!  

Tell us about your life in Belize. 

I am a personal friend to a lot of people. I like to socialize. Everyone in Punta Gorda knows me as a cool and positive guy. I am all about good vibes. I believe strongly in helping others, I treat everyone as my neighbor. Everywhere I go the door is always open.  

What do you do in your spare time?  

I socialize! I love to have some drinks and share stories with my closest brothers. We have a good time, laughing and connecting, followed by good food and a good night’s rest.  

Why is sustainability important to you?  

It is healthy for our bodies and our minds to live sustainably.  It is important because children are the future. We want them to experience beautiful Belize and its natural factors the way we do today. I believe the children look at our actions and follow in our footsteps, so protecting our resources is a good example for them.  

What would you like people to know about Belize?  

My country is a beautiful and cultural place. Some of the nicest people live in my town, Punta Gorda. If you tell someone good morning, they will also tell you good morning. Food is diverse reflecting the many cultures. We are happy people always smiling.  

What is your favorite way to drink Copalli Rum?   

My favorite way to drink Copalli Rum is Ducky’s Daiquiri – one of our most popular drinks at the Copal Tree Lodge. It is a combination of Copalli Rum with lime and simple syrup. Our rum is clean and tastes great, which is why I believe it doesn’t give me a “goma” the next morning. 



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