q) Tell us about your job.  I am head of maintenance for both Copal Tree Lodge and Copal Tree Distillery. This means I make sure our electrical, mechanical and HVAC systems are working properly. I oversee maintenance for the specific equipment used in cane milling, distillation, fermentation and the boiler at the Distillery, as well as the reverse osmosis system which purifies our drinking water. I also am in charge of new equipment sources and installation, as well as managing system upgrades.

q) How long have you worked with the Copal Tree Lodge/Distillery?  I have been working at Copal Tree Distillery and Copal Tree Lodge for about 5 years.

q) Tell us about your life in Belize.My life in Belize is great. I absolutely love my country and I am proud to be a Belizean.

q) What do you do in your spare time?I read a lot and try to gain more knowledge about new technologies in science and engineering. I also work on personal projects for my business.

q) Why is sustainability important to you?Sustainability is important because it is very beneficial to the environment. Sustainability protects the environment for future generations and it lowers emissions, promotes zero waste, and protects wildlife.

q) What would you like people to know about Belize?I would like people to know that Belize is a great place to explore. It is home to the largest coral barrier reef in the world and more than 900 Mayan ruins. And, for Americans it’s easy, as Belize is the only country in Central America where English is the official language.

q) What is your favorite way to drink Copalli Rum? Copalli Mojito.


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