A new year brings an opportunity for a fresh start, a chance to rid yourself of unhealthy habits and commit to doing better in the year ahead. While some may resolve to lose weight, exercise more, or spend less, increased concerns about climate change have many consumers resolving to live more sustainably.  For eco-minded consumers, keeping that resolution is easy and delicious with Copalli Rum. And who wouldn’t actually like to keep a resolution for once?

Resolving to live sustainably has never been more popular. In fact, a report, commissioned by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and conducted across 54 nations by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), found that interest in sustainable goods had increased by 71 percent in just five years.

While some brands only talk about environmental responsibility, Copalli Rum is creating a path for others to follow.

“Even before there was a distillery, there was a commitment to sustainability and preserving the Belizean Rainforest,” says Mark Breene, CEO, Copalli USA. The founders have spearheaded the philanthropic support of the local community in Southern Belize for more than 20 years, through a legacy of rainforest preservation, marine conservation, and support of local education. We support the local community as the largest employer in Southern Belize, providing more than 100 jobs to local residents in a clean and safe working environment.

“Copalli Rum is the choice for consumers looking for a premium rum that is not only good in cocktails, but good for the planet,” adds Mark.  “Oh, and for those who still want to start a new diet, Copalli Rums are also gluten-free and keto friendly.”


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