The Copal Tree Lodge is a leader in eco-tourism and sustainable food and cocktails. Guests of the Lodge will likely be served a delicious cocktail by Tim Cal.

q) Tell us about your job.  I work at Copal Tree Lodge as a bartender.

q) How long have you worked at Copal Tree Lodge? I have been working at the lodge for the past 11 years.

q) Where in Belize are you from? I was born and raised on a family farm in a small, beautiful Mopan Maya community.

q) When you aren’t behind the bar, what are you doing? During my spare time, I work on my family farm, explore nature or relax with a refreshing cocktail!

q) Why is sustainability important?  Sustainably is really important because it helps to protect the environment for us and the future generations.

q) Do you have a favorite Copalli Cocktail? Using Copalli White, I would prefer a classic daiquiri and for the barrel rested, I would make Rum Old Fashioned.

q) What would you like people to know about Belize? Belize is a beautiful country with amazing people who are of diverse cultures. We have the best of two worlds — lush forest and the beautiful Caribbean Sea. 


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