Three years after producing the first bottle of Copalli Rum, we have completed our first comprehensive Sustainability Report for the Copal Tree Distillery. Since we started planning this brand, we have been constantly reviewing and quantifying how sustainability truly serves the brand, our community and our consumers. This initial report forms our baseline and will be the guide from which we manage our progress as we continue to grow. Our pledge is to be as transparent as possible about our progress.


Our boiler is fueled by 100% biomass.

We collected 100K gallons of rainwater from the canopy. This is the only water used to proof the rum and means that we didn’t draw from other water resources.

We proudly support 12,000 acres of rainforest.

Our employees earn more than 3 times the Belizean national average.

Copal Tree Distillery’s full sustainability report for 2020-2021 is available at this link.


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