There are many hands that come together to produce the award winning rum that we’ve come to call The Spirit of the Rainforest!

Each month we introduce you to one more member of the team and ask you to join us in raising a glass to their efforts. 

In this issue we’re chatting with Ian Richards who works closely with Ed Tiedge and Karen Yong at the Copal Tree Distillery. Check out more team interviews here

q) Tell us about your job. I am the distillery operator assistant. My job is to assist in various processes of fermenting, distilling and barreling. 

q) How long have you worked with the Copal Tree Distillery? I have been working with Copal Tree Distillery for a little more than 2 years now. 

q) Tell us about your life in Belize. Life in Belize is very relaxing and slow-paced. It is a nice place to live, especially if you want to retire in a tropical rainforest area. 

q) What do you do in your spare time? I enjoy listening to music and watching videos on various social media platforms. 

q) Why is sustainability important to you? Sustainability is good because it does not harm the environment to the point of endangering the natural ecosystem. 

q) What would you like people to know about Belize? Belize is the perfect getaway place from the city life. It is a beautiful country where one can truly enjoy and appreciate nature. Since Belize is a multi-racial country, there are many opportunities to meet people of diverse races and also experience different cultures. 

q) Do you have a favorite way to drink Copalli Rum? My favorite way to drink Copalli Rum would be to mix up a cocktail from any Copalli Rum that I have available with a mixer of my preference. 


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