After a disappointing harvest in 2021, 2022 harvest turned out to be one of our best.

Our last harvest day was July 1, and as of that day we have harvested, milled, fermented and distilled 2,600 tons of sugar cane. The most ever!

The 2022 harvest turned out to be one of our best!

Sugar content started off a little low as the rainy season hung on a bit longer in February and early March, but once the rains let up, the sugar cane plants used all of that sunshine and the magic of photosynthesis to make lots of sugar, bringing the overall sugar content back up to expected levels. The pot still rum is of very high quality, and I expect the 2022 vintage aged rums to be exceptional. 

Want to learn more about our Master Distiller Ed Tiedge and how Copalli Rum is distilled? Check out this recent article in VinePair.


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