The Belizean Bukut tree is one of the marvels of the Rainforest. During summer months, these stately trees burst forth with vibrant pink foliage.  Many homes use these for ornamental and shade purposes. The fruit of the Bukut comes in long pods with jam-like sections that surround seeds.  Some –with advernturous palates — have been known to enjoy the fruit (perhaps while holding their nose?) The taste has been described by celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern as, “anchovies and fish sauce mixed with molasses, interesting. It was kinda delicious.” (Hint, it’s nickname is Stinking Toe).

Regardless of the taste, the pods are believed to have health benefits. After removing seeds, the pulp is strained for its dark juice which is mixed with water or milk as a tonic for anemia and exhaustion. The juice of fresh young leaves is said to provide relief from skin problems, and a half of a cup of fresh leaves infused with three cups of fresh water is believed to help eliminate toxins.


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