The Yucatan Spider Monkey, also known by its Mayan name “Ma’ax,” is one of the largest types of New World monkeys. They have black bristly hair with a tan color around their eyes, whiskers, chin and head area. Although males and females look similar, the female Spider Monkeys tend to be a little bigger in size but weigh less; their average weight is 19 pounds.

Their long, lanky arms and prehensile tails (which give them the look of a spider) help them move gracefully from tree to tree. One long stride can cover up to 40 feet.

Spider Monkeys are social animals that live in large fruit trees, which can be home to as many as 100 monkeys! But, they keep their distance from each other as they can be quarrelsome feeders – first come first serve!

At night, the monkeys retire to the tallest trees that offer better access to fruits and safety from predators. Intruders who dare to enter their territory, are met with screams and thrown feces. (We’ll keep our distance). Want to see see the monkeys in action? Check out this video.


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