At Copalli Rum, we know that great cocktails take great ingredients. But they also take great bartenders who love to experiment. In this issue, we introduce you to Tim Cal, Bartender at the Copal Tree Lodge.

Tell us about your job.

I have been working at Copal Tree Lodge for the past 12 years.  As a bartender,  I make cocktails and mocktails for guests. I love to experiment with new ingredients that are in season.

Tell us about yourself.

Growing up in  Belize and being a part of the Mayan heritage for me is blessing.  I get to share the importance to our culture of food, medicine, shelter, and connection to wildlife.

Do you have any hobbies?

I’m really interested in continuing to learn more about mixology and foods.

Why is sustainability important?

Sustainability is really important as it reminds younger generations to enjoy the beauty that nature provides, while educating them about the impact of climate change.

What else should people know about Belize?

Belize is a diverse culture full of friendly people, a lush rainforest, beautiful marine life, a rich history and delicious food!

Do you have a favorite way to drink Copalli?

I enjoy a Rum Old Fashioned made with Copalli Barrel Rested Rum and a Mojito made with Copalli White Rum.

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