Copalli Rum is a proud member of the Conservation Circle of the Rainforest Trust and we are even prouder to help raise awareness of the Trust’s newest project — to build a Jaguar Corridor in Belize.

The corridor will connect the vast 13.3-million-acre Maya Forest that stretches across Northwest Belize, Guatemala and Southern Mexico with the 1.2 million acre Maya Mountains Massif in Southern Belize.  Together these refuges form the largest intact tropical forest in the Americas north of the Amazon and protect countless threatened species.

Jaguars have been documented moving between the two protected areas and establishing a safe corridor is vital toward ensuring that Jaguars and their resident prey, as well as countless other endangered species continue to thrive. 

By preserving the 10K acres of tropical forest, nearly 6 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent (equal to 1.2 million passenger vehicles being driven for one year) will be safely stored in the ground.


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