At Copalli Rum, there are a lot of dedicated hands on every bottle, and it is our pleasure to highlight them! In this issue, we introduce you to ShirleyMae Parham, Assistant Manager of the Copal Tree Distillery.

Tell us about your job.   I am involved with the daily operations of the Distillery. Each day, I ensure that our team is fulfilling all Copalli Rum orders to meet sales and exporting deadlines. In addition, I attend to and resolve the needs of the various departments, whether it is from an operational or HR perspective.

I also manage all of the purchasing, so each day I am either writing out a purchase order, purchasing online or tracking down international purchases in order to arrange importing to Belize. Lastly, I work with accounting to ensure all is in order each day, that invoices are paid on time and expenses for invoices received are allocated accurately.

q) How long have you worked with the Copal Tree Lodge/Distillery? I have been with the distillery from the first day of operations. I previously worked as Assistant Manager at the sister company Copal Tree Lodge and was transferred over to the Distillery for start up, which leaves me with 12 years working here, and I am loving it.

q)  What did you do before joining Copal Tree? My previous experience ranges from working at a local airline, to working at a bank, to managing a small business and as Guest Services Manager at a Resort.

q) Tell us about your life in Belize, what are your interests? I love my life in Belize. Whenever I can go on a vacation with my family, I choose Belize. We would do a jungle stay and end it with a beach vacation. When not travelling, we go to nearby fresh water rivers and water falls.

q) Why is sustainability important to you? Sustainability is important to me because I am always thinking of the future. We need to manage our way of living to ensure that our future generations can enjoy some of the same things that we are enjoying.

q) What would you like people to know about Belize? Belize is the perfect vacation destination to do a lot of fun stuff, whether travelling alone, as a couple or with children. We have the perfect combination of jungle and beach for everyone, while enjoying visits to all of our historical sites.

q) What is your favorite way to drink Copalli Rum? I have several favorites, Copalli Passionate Apple, Copalli Rum Daiquiri and Copalli Mojito.


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