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FATHOM takes a tour of Copal Tree Distillery

“If you only do one thing, drink Copalli Rum.”

Tasting: 3 Belizean Rums from Copalli Rum

Paste Magazine takes us through a tasting of Copalli Rums. “What stands out here is how clean this is, with lovely citrus and cane juice fruitiness…”

Gifts that Give Back

Don’t give until it hurts, give until it feels good. Copalli Rum operates on the principle that the Belizean rum industry can be built and operated sustainably while providing good-paying jobs.

Leading By Example

“Fortunately, there are distillers like the ones at Copalli Rum, who have made it their duty to strive toward carbon neutrality and thrive in terms of environmental stewardship.” -Chilled Magazine

Copalli Rum named Best In Show

Copalli White Rum recently was named Best in Show of all Rums at the 2022 TAG Spirits Competition. Our Barrel Rested Rum also received a Double Gold Medal.

Copalli Rum Named Best of Green Spirit

While we aren’t one to pat ourselves on the back too much, we are thrilled that TreeHugger named Copalli Cacao 2021 Best of Green Rum.

The blog took a look at eco friendly food and drinks to shine a light on those that are good for the planet. For more information check out the article and make sure to support our fellow winners!

Want to make the perfect Mojito?

Rainforest rum from a picturesque landscape in Belize. As clean and tasty as they come, this eco-friendly rum draws inspiration from ancient local traditions. 5 Stars!!

Copalli Rums win Gold and Double Gold Medals at Prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Copalli Rum, the single-estate organic rum produced in the rainforest of Southern Belize, has proudly added several more medals, including a Gold and Double Gold medal, to its roster during the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the oldest and largest competition of its kind.

Copalli Rums gain two more 90+ scores

Copalli Rums, the portfolio of clean organic rums sustainably produced in Southern Belize, continued to score well with judges at the 2012 Ultimate Spirits Challenge, including two, 92-point ratings. This was the 12th consecutive year of record submissions to this global competition which evaluated entries from more than 50 spirit-producing countries.

The Perfect Recipe for National Daiquiri Day.

A daiquiri is only as good as the rum you choose to put in it, and one of our favorites right now is Copalli Rum, which hails from Belize… while I don’t play favorites, I can confirm that Copalli’s very simple recipe is among the best I have ever tasted.

An Outstanding New Rum from Belize

One of the Caribbean’s newest rum companies is doing something very special. It’s a sustainable rum — and most importantly, a very good rum. Score: 93

Copalli Rum Only Uses 3 Ingredients: Zero-Impact, Community Employment, and Education Grants

“We spent a huge amount of time figuring out how to make it truly zero impact,” said Fernald. Rum distillation is a complex process that, depending on where you are in the world, includes the addition of various ingredients (more sugar, flavorings, color, et cetera) over time. This process, like almost all distillation, also produces waste that harms the environment upon its disposal.

What's In Your Rum

Copal Tree Distillery and Copalli Rum support sustainable agriculture causes in Southern Belize via producing and selling premium organic spirits.


Relax & Enjoy

Our organic single estate rum is made from just three ingredients sourced from an organic farm in the heart of the rainforest in Southern Belize.

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Made from sugar cane, canopy water & yeast, sourced from an organic farm in the heart of the rainforest in Southern Belize.