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Copalli Rum, the organic, single-estate spirit from the heart of the Belizean rainforest, is proud to be awarded “White Rum of the Year” in the 2019 New York International Spirits Competition. The only white rum to win Gold, Copalli was selected out of over 600 spirits from around the world.

Copalli Rum recognized by Vinepair for its positive community engagement and social responsibility

Copalli Rum was recently featured in VinePair, the largest drinks focused digital media company, in an article focused on cultural branding in the spirits industry. Among four spirit brands highlighted, Copalli is cited as “a case of a company doing its best to benefit its local community” promoting the brand’s pillars of zero-waste sustainable production and land conservancy. Ed Tiedge, Copalli’s Distiller, is also quoted promoting the rums positive impact in the area through educational grants.

COPALLI: Drinking Rum Never Felt So Good

“Without a doubt, the rum revolution is here, with a rising tide of craft distilleries just like Copalli. Shedding the spirit’s poor reputation, these new rums are truly exciting. Like Copalli, many of them display intensity of character and nuance of place. Copalli, however, takes it a step further, infusing their philosophy of conservation and sustainability in the bottle. Clean and pure, it not only tastes refined and delicious, but it’s simply something you can feel good about drinking.” – K&L Wine Merchants

Fodor’s Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Give the connoisseur in your life a bottle of Copalli’s double-distilled barrel-rested rum, which can be sipped on the rocks or (shockingly) neat. And to the friends who refuse to drink your vile eggnog because every year you spike it with too much loathsome Bacardi–give them (and yourself, frankly) the gift of eggnog mixed with Copalli’s white rum for a considerably more cosmopolitan holiday concoction.

Copalli: An Organic Rum Emerges From The Rainforests Of Belize

“Copalli: An Organic Rum Emerges From The Rainforests Of Belize” – Todd and Anya’s latest project is Copalli Rum, an organic spirit produced at a new distillery on the resort grounds, and just released to the U.S. Market.”

Food & Wine – Holiday Spirits Gift Guide 2018

“This new organic rum has a beautiful, grassy freshness on the nose. The crisp finish makes it a great choice for a classic daiquiri. The bottle is simple but beautiful, and the distillery provides educational grants to benefit communities in Southern Belize.” – Devon Tarby

Copal Tree Lodge’s Belizean Howler Monkey

You’ll find the farm’s turmeric, allspice, citrus, banana, and especially its ginger, all headlining their rotating cocktail menu. The star, however, is the hand-harvested sugarcane in the form of Copalli Rum. It’s distinguishable enough to drink all on its own, but trust me when I say this: when given the choice, add some ginger.

Belize’s Copal Tree Distillery Puts Soul into Spirits

It’s this grassy, slightly herbaceous allure of sugarcane that follows through to the glass. In both the white rum and the barrel-rested rum, Copalli has a cleanness to it that could only be described as fresh.

What's In Your Rum

Copal Tree Distillery and Copalli Rum support sustainable agriculture causes in Southern Belize via producing and selling premium organic spirits.


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Our organic single estate rum is made from just three ingredients sourced from an organic farm in the heart of the rainforest in Southern Belize.

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Made from sugar cane, canopy water & yeast, sourced from an organic farm in the heart of the rainforest in Southern Belize.